Our Story

We’re forced to wear clothes we don’t want to every single day. Neil Sherman stuck in the his desk job as a lawyer in New York City, decided it was enough! He knew he had to wear a suit, but there were no rules about what you had to wear under your suit! From that day Neil decided to wear the WILDEST underwear he could think of from crazy coloured briefs to skimpy g-string jockstraps.

He told his friends about his little project, and soon word caught out. Neal didn’t think much of it, but after a few weeks it EXPLODED! People started posting pictures of themselves wearing crazy underwear all over! He then realized this is much bigger then himself, and he wanted to keep the fire alive. From that moment he knew he had to make Freedom Undies! A culture that promotes men around the world to freely wear what they want without corporate and social repercussions!

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